Financial Support for Public Outreach Events

In addition to its support program for scientific events, QBIN now offers financial support to network members who would like to organize public outreach events across the province. This could include (but is not limited to) talks, workshops, and exhibitions, and must be aimed at members of the general public. Below you will find the criteria for selection that should be addressed in the application as well as instructions on how to apply:


Selection criteria

Any request for financial support should include a response to the following:

Mandatory criteria:

  • Define the details of the event (title, date, place) and certify that the event will take place in Quebec
  • Identify the main organizers of the event and certify that they are members of QBIN
  • Describe the aim/purpose of the event and how it relates to the mission statement of QBIN
  • Specify the projected number of participants and whether the event is targeted at a specific age range or demographic
  • Provide a complete budget for the event including sources of support and risk management (loss/profit)

General criteria:

  • Describe what specific visibility will be given to QBIN through the event
  • Describe what knowledge and/or skills will be transferred to participants of the event
  • Describe the intended social impact of the event
  • Describe what measures will be taken to mitigate/minimize the environmental impact of the event

Level of support

Applicants can request between $500 and $3000, depending on the size of the audience and nature/cost of the event. The exact amount awarded will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may differ from the amount requested.


Receipt of requests / submission deadlines:

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be evaluated on a rolling basis, but must be received at least one month before the proposed date of the event.


Follow-up requirements

Successful applicants are required to submit a follow-up report to QBIN no later than one month after the event. The follow-up report should include the following:

  • A budget summary and evidence that the selection criteria were met
  • At least 3 high-quality photos of the event with captions
  • A one-page write-up of the event to be posted on the QBIN website


For further information, please email Estrid Jakobsen at estrid.jakobsen at mcgill.ca