Results of the COVID-19 special competition


In the coronavirus outbreak, the Quebec Bio-imaging Network (QBIN) launched a special COVID-19 funding competition. The aim of this competition is to fight the pandemic while having a real impact on the second wave of coronavirus outbreaks.

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CINQ Virtual Scientific Week

Évènement scientifique

The CINQ’s annual Scientific Day will take on a new color this year: from May 25 to 29, it will turn into a Virtual Scientific Week, free and open to all.

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Pint of Science 2020

Sponsored Public Event

QBIN is proud to sponsor the 2020 edition of Pint of Science Canada! Pint of Science is a worldwide festival that invites scientists to local bars to discuss their latest research and discoveries over a drink or two. Many towns and cities across Quebec will be hosting events this year, so everyone can participate!

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Titre de l'événementDateDate EndsLocation AddressAudienceRésumé
Le Neuro-Show 22020-09-212020-09-27

Lundi 21 septembre 2020 à 19h30 au Théâtre Granada
53 rue Wellington Nord, Sherbrooke

Jeudi 24 septembre 2020 à 19h30 à l’Imperial Bell
252 rue St-Joseph Est, Québec

Dimanche 27 septembre 2020 19h30 au Théâtre Corona
2490 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal

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