Structuring projects

The RBIQ offers structuring projects such as: an interactive website, an e-mail question forum, a structuring computer tools program and a highly qualified personnel exchange (HQP) program.

WEB site

The RBIQ will use a web infrastructure to support the development and use of neuroinformatic systems whose foundations have been established under the REPRIC. More adaptive, this Internet infrastructure will facilitate interactions and collaborations between researchers, students, methodologists and software developers from the Quebec bio-imaging scientific community. This interactive tool aims to: 1) encourage the participation of RBIQ users, 2) offer IT developers a source-code version control environment that supports methodological developments, 3) provide an environment for communication and exchange scientific and logistical ideas between developers and users, 4) facilitate the preparation and dissemination of information for all RBIQ and partner events and activities, and 5) promote the visibility of RBIQ members. The means used to achieve these objectives will be, among others: a) the coupling of technologies and scientific practices, b) the use of site analysis tools, c) the creation of a bank of profiles of members and , d) the generation of a browser for RBIQ members.

Email question forum

Due to the many technical or methodological issues associated with the development of experimental designs for bio-imaging studies, the acquisition of single- and multimodal data and the use of various data analysis platforms, one of the key to the network's web infrastructure will be the constitution of an "e-mail question forum" allowing members to submit their queries. These will be "visible" by the community of experts who can answer them. If so, the neuroinformatics coordinator (to be determined) will have the mandate to gather resources for a sustainable and reusable solution to be available to the entire scientific community.

Structuring Computer Tools

From one imaging center to another, researchers use different image analysis tools and mathematical and statistical data processing platforms developed by members of the RBIQ and other researchers around the world. The structuring computer tools program aims at developing computer tools applied to biomedical imaging by offering, through competition, financial support to cover part of the development costs. The tools developed could be aimed at analyzing, acquiring or maintaining images in a database in order to facilitate the sharing of images. A plan for the development and maintenance of the tool, an estimate of its use by third parties will be described.

Exchange of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP)

In each of the bio-imaging research groups in Quebec mentioned above, and particularly in centers that have a state-of-the-art technological platform (ie, Universities of Montreal, McGill and Sherbrooke, Concordia, UQTR, etc.) some research professionals have acquired a special expertise in certain fields of application that would benefit from being shared with other research groups. Through this structuring project, the QBIN aims to facilitate exchanges of know-how between the various bio-imaging centers in Quebec andto prevent some researchers from "reinventing the wheel...". To do this, the QBIN proposes to provide the necessary financial support to pay the expenses related to travel and short-term stays of a professional in a group of research center applicant, as well as a certain amount of compensation to the center of attachment of the latter. Such projects will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.