The purpose of this program is to promote interactions between Quebec researchers whose research themes are common to both partner networks. Proposed projects must be aligned with the missions of the two networks and cover the respective research themes/priorities.

The deadline for submission of applications is December 20, 2019, for funding starting no later than March 2020.

The electronic form, the eligibility criteria and the evaluation will be published on the 1st of November on the websites of both networks. The final submission of the electronic form will be available only to QBIN members. ThéCell researchers are therefore invited to contact their QBIN research partner in order to access the common form if necessary.

A grant of $20,000 will be awarded ($10,000 per network) for a period of one year (non-renewable) to a project corresponding to the research areas of both networks. The project must involve at least one regular member of each of the networks (QBIN and ThéCell).

This program is ideal for building new links and contacts with imaging teams to develop larger collaborations and joint projects.

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Martin Lepage, Co-Director of the RBIQ, will be a guest speaker at their annual November 26th day at Laval University.

Where do cells go after their injection? Imaging methods would allow tracking! What is the metabolic activity of a reconstructed tissue that has been implanted? Functional PET can reveal it! In vitro or in vivo studies, imaging and cell therapies can greatly advance science. How can imaging improve pre-clinical and clinical studies?
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