The research team of the Preventive Medicine and Physical Activity Center (EPIC centre) of the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work with a team of neuropsychologists, kinesiologists and
neuroimaging specialists.
The hosting research environment is highly pluridisciplinary and befinits from
high-end infrastructures : a dedicated research gym coupled with a
cerebrovascular health platform (Doppler, NIRS, EEG) as well as a core imaging
lab (MRI and PET).

The successful applicant will take part in a recently funded CIHR project
exploring the impact of physical and cognitive trainings on early biomarkers
in individuals with cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF). A cohort of 300 participants will undergo a multimodal MRI protocol. The fellow will be in charge of the analysis of this multimodal MRI data set by first establishing automated ools for the segmentation of vascular markers and second performing group-level analyses to explore the impacts of the interventions and their association with cognitive outcomes.

The qualifications of the successful candidate should include :

  • A PhD degree in biomedical engineering, physics, applied mathematics or other related neuroscientific fields.
  • Experience with medical image processing such as freesurfer, FSL or SPM is required.
  • Strong background in signal processing, image processing and quantitative analysis.
  • Excellent programming skills with either Matlab or python.
  • Demonstrated good writing skills and autonomy.

We are seeking candidates with a strong background in MRI, as well as a keen
interest in methodology and computational modeling. Cognitive neuroscientists,
engineers and other candidates with strong numerical and computational skills
are particularly encouraged to apply.

The position is for one year (renewable) and is expected to start in fall 2019.

To apply, please email Dr Louis Bherer (louis.bherer AT with your
resume and cover letter of your career plans relevant to neuroimaging training
and research.